Why I am a Quaker

There is a wide range of belief and outlook among Quakers, and as Quakerism is not defined by a creed, it is perhaps best understood by the actual experience of Quakers.

In 2010 the Quakers at Hartington Grove Meeting were invited to write short statements, preferably in not more than 100 words, about "Why I am a Quaker".

The statements were displayed at an exhibition for Quaker Week in October 2010, and later printed in a popular booklet. They are now available here for anyone interested in what these Quakers actually think and feel.

Hold the mouse over any of the names below to see what each Friend wrote:

Angela Ann B Ann H Anon

Bob Celia Elizabeth Finola

Hannah Hilary Imogen Jackie

Janet Jill Jonathan Kevin

Laurence Liz Liz M Lizzie T

Margaret B Margaret S Martin Michael

Pat Patricia Peter Ralph

Rosie Sheila Simon

Stewart Sue Tony