Welcome to all who enter our Quaker Meeting House!

Meeting for Worship

Meeting for Worship is held each Sunday at 10.30am and lasts an hour. In the main meeting room chairs are set out in a circle with a table in the middle. Please sit anywhere you like.

Quaker Meeting for Worship starts as soon as the first person sits down. Latecomers enter quietly and take their seats.

On the table there are usually flowers and some Bibles, as well as a copy of Quaker Faith and Practice.

During Meeting for Worship we sit together in silence, which is sometimes broken by spoken ministry. After about an hour an Elder will stand and in an 'Afterword' invite any further thoughts and reflections that those present might like to share.

Finally, Elders will shake hands and this handshake can be repeated around the room by everyone.

Meeting has now ended and it is time for notices, news and finally simple refreshments together. If you are attending for the first time you may be invited to introduce yourself and sign our Visitors Book, but neither is obligatory.

Finding out more

If you want to know more, you will always be welcome to speak to any Quaker, especially over tea or coffee after Meeting.

Children and young people

Children's Meeting for up to 7 year olds is organised for the second and last Sunday of each month and all children are welcome. If you have children who would like to come with you, please let us know by contacting the warden.


Hartington Grove has a warden who, with the Meeting, is responsible for day to day operation of the Meeting House, welcoming visitors and dealing with the letting of our rooms during the week. The warden is available by phone on Cambridge 01223 214438 or at warden@hartingtongrove.org.uk by email.

A variety of leaflets about all aspects of Quakerism are stocked on the shelf near the front door. Please feel free to take some with you. We also have a small library at Hartington Grove where books are available to borrow.

Every month we circulate our Hartington Grove News Sheet which lists upcoming events which may be of interest to you.

Please ask any Friend at any time if we can help further with your enquiries.

In Friendship, Hartington Grove Cambridge Quakers